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A curated selection of projects chosen by me

> Programmers' Lookbook

You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it.

> Making posting to my personal website as easy as tweeting

Kaneki: An experience in interaction design

> Hey DALL-E, Finish The Cat Drawing

Using DALL-E inpainting to finish the cat drawing.

> A Candid Interview with My AI Self

Taking self reflection to a whole new level

> A Few Things To Try With DALL·E

Lighting, perspective, variation chaining, and other tricks to try with DALL·E.

> I Created an Augmented Reality Rapper

The hottest new rapper is a computer, the world is NOT ready

> The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small

The case for thinking smaller, while achieving more.

> Portfolio in the Style of the Kingdom Hearts Menu

A recreation of the Kingdom Hearts menu with my portfolio (desktop only).

> 80 Projects in (80 - 28) Weeks

A look back on how I created 80 unique projects in 2020.