May 17 2022

Added a contact form to the site!

Here's how I did it:

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"Gimme that!.. I'm JOKING"

May 14 2022

Kaneki has become a daily driver and it's awesome. More on the process of emergent writing coming soon.

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I'm frustrated at how the job search is going. I think because my background/work is non traditional, I get dinged by big tech companies who want to hire safe. But honestly, I think what I do, how I write, and how I build is my strongest asset :/

May 06 2022

The first time I heard Process by Johari I knew it needed to be mashed up with the Alter Saber vs Gilgamesh fight.

And indeed, it is pretty epic. (nb: if the audio and video are mismatched, press the first reverse and pause button, fourth button from the left; to resync them)

May 02 2022

Building a PKM (to make creative work easier) is sometimes in and of itself, work.

The feeling of tweaking a PKM is akin to evolution in a dynamic, hostile environment. All upgradesto a PKM come into an environment and compete for fitness.

Some additions fit well into the gnarled workflow of the creative process. Others fall short, and eventually get forgotten or pruned.

The default of a PKM is death. To avoid that, processes are put into place that decrease input friction, increase retrieval accuracy, and decrease cognitive load in its host.

April 29 2022

Obsidian Plugins I've downloaded this week and really like:

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April 27 2022

Listening to "To the Hellfire" while reading the lyrics is a completely different experience than listening to it without them.

I had a similar reaction to the ending that many of these people had.

Doomfist in lore: almost solos 3 extremely powerful characters
Doomfist in game: hears "whoa there" and instantly dies

-- Doomfist Origin Story

April 26 2022

Favorite Automations (1 week in):

Reduce the friction of production to match the friction of your favorite consumption apps. Build for yourself! Make your technology work for you!

April 21 2022

I've been going IN on shortcuts and workflows. Just added:

this shit is goin off! I love automating things (even though the Shortcuts app has some very serious bugs)

April 18 2022

The birth of search-buddy. Web Search + OpenAI Embeddings. Repo here.

searchin for my buddy!

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April 17 2022

The land inbetween projects is fraught.

The land inbetween is a period of time (and space?) where there is no concrete project that I'm working towards.

Ideally, this should be a time of rest. A time to reflect, to plan, to consider with equinamity.

Unfortunately, the part of my mind dedicated to problem solving refuses to stay idle.

It decides to try sharpening its teeth against life's unsolvable problems. But since these problems are circular, recursive, broad, exapansive, and hydralike, I end up frustrated.

Experimentation is perilous. Judgment, difficult.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter

April 15 2022

I'll create a GH Repo with some iOS shortcuts I use when I figure out what file type they are, and how to display shortcut images in a helpful way.

Found an acceptable (read: not ideal) solution. But I'm now able to post my shortcuts on GH!

You can check them out here: awesome-shortcuts

April 14 2022

Made a couple of iOS shortcuts today. One makes me do a burpee every time I open specific apps. I'm attempting to add healthy addons to unhealthy cues.

The second is an improvement to an existing workflow I had for uploading Cloudflare Images. I was converting heic files to jpg files. I'm now doing that directly from the shortcut. Noticing quite the speed up!

I'll create a GH Repo with some iOS shortcuts I use when I figure out what file type they are, and how to display shortcut images in a helpful way.

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"When We Were Bullies" was really good.

April 13 2022

A few years ago, I wrote this blog where I considered the idea of GPT-3, and more broadly, transformer models, serving as personal assistants for every individual.

After a few days where I spent much time doing nothing, and in the times when I was doing something it was things I did not want to do, I decided now was a good time as any to attempt to verify the veracity of my claim.

I've been observing my life; the things I do intentionally, the things I do unintentionally, habits I've picked up, and how my thought processes process novel environments and stimuli. I think with a clever combination of classification models, GPT-3, a database, and most importantly, a solid communicaiton layer, I can in essence "microservice" out different parts of my life.

This is a project for me, so the success metric is clear. Will my life be easier with my army of intelligent machines? Or will the upkeep outweigh the benefits? I guess we'll find out!

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I achieved a bucket list goal of mine yesterday -- to reach the front page of Hacker News. I breached the top 10!

April 10 2022

Stack Overflow Answer Auto Copy Paste into Obsidian in the works (and it works great!)

April 9 2022

Go Shippurts Go!

Or perhaps this tarigrade playing violin is more your thing

Obsidian silently added request to the API for external HTTP calls.

There is now an API to perform HTTP requests without any CORS restrictions. The API is called request()

Here's how to use it:

allergy season has me sneezin. today i focused on blowing my nose super slowly, visualizing a babbling brook instead of a turbine. i also learned that stuffy noses aren't caused by mucous, they are caused by inflamed blood vessels in the nostrils.

the tweets in my obsidian vault have successfully defected from the hive. godspeed tweets, godspeed.

April 8 2022

Trying to dev log with my phone using working copy app and vercel ci/cd. i may end up creating my own solution but i thought id give this a go

ive been thinking about what it means to be a great creative technologist. i used to think that all creative technology was using software to make fine art. i now think that creative technology is using technology in novel ways. combining technologies to make new use cases the world has never seen. the 'ars' in 'ars longa' is synonymous with craft, not fine art.

the craft is long to lerne

does vercel have a cap on the amount of commits per day? this mobile pushing feels a lot like tweeting and i like it. i feel like ill find out soon enough.

being a content creator is stressful but it does genuinely feel nice to share whats happening in one's life. content creation gets memed on since its basically entertainment black holes, but edutainment is quite valuable imo.

the first thing i do waking up is checking my phone for new content to consume, as if the silence represents some kind of existential threat. its not inherently problematic outside of the real time sink for information that is largely irrelevant to the flow of the day.

April 3 2022

Many flowers! Anyone else getting Little House on the Prairie vibes?

Shoutout to Blender UV texture painting fill option. I literally could not have done this without it.

April 2 2022

March 31 2022


I can only hope that things will be smoother from here on out. There's no other news today, I'm tired and my hay fever has decided to spike. I'm going to bed.

March 29 2022

Three.js is upsetting me. The documentation seems...condescending? The answers on the Internet are mostly out of date and yet people are making beautiful things with it, which makes me feel even more stupid.

On top of that, it's difficult to tell where Three.js ends and React Three Fiber begins.

I'll get there, I hope. I have a self imposed deadline for the Akuma No Ko project Friday, and I've already had to make many compromises with the vision.

On the plus side, I got to play a bit with Blender again .

Other News

Housing First turned that upside down,” she explained, “recognizing that when people were homeless, they couldn’t attend to their mental health or substance use needs (or anything else). This has been enormously successful, housing about 85 percent of the most complex folks. There is overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence that this works—people are housed successfully, and then the other things follow.” -- San Fransicko, Michael Shellenberger

Housing First is a dogmatic philosophy,” said Bales. “I’ve lost friends. One of my closest friends is attacking me for pushing for housing that costs $11,000 instead of $527,000 per person. He can’t get that we can’t provide a $527,000 to $700,000 apartment for each person on the street. I’ve been in planning meetings where people said, ‘Everybody deserves a granite countertop.’ But that isn’t going to work for 44,000 people. -- San Fransicko, Michael Shellenberger

There is no consensus about which is more readable, serif or sans serif, and there are many studies finding no difference at all -- To Serif or Not to Serif

March 26 2022

Want to use a global theme with styled components? Try a theme provider!


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Our data shows that those in more technical roles receive the highest share of pay from salary alone. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those in leadership, sales, and administrative roles tend to have significant portions of their overall pay come from sources other than salary. -- Sequoia Compensation Report

A Durable Object is a special kind of Cloudflare Worker that has access to persistent storage and processes requests in one of Cloudflare’s points of presence. Each Object has its own private storage, accessible through a classical key/value storage API. Like any classical database API, this storage API had to be used carefully to avoid possible race conditions and data loss, especially when performance mattered. And like any classical database API, many apps got it wrong. ... The traditional answer has been to make applications stateless, and defer all concurrency control to the database layer using transactions. However, transactions are slow, which is a big reason why so many web applications today take hundreds of milliseconds or more to respond to basic actions. -- Durable Objects: Easy, Fast, Correct — Choose three

March 22 2022

Testing video on the site. The backfill is coming.

March 21 2022


Opening Git issues against my own project is a major key in terms of project organization.

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(first time I've missed being a runway model in a long time)


March 19 2022

Used swr for the first time today. Honestly, works way better than getServerSideProps did for the specific use case of fetching Cloudflare URLs from a Firestore instance. The frontend experience is much smoother and I upped my real experience score by 56 points on mobile!



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In Freud and Becker's case, the concept [Causa sui] was often used as an immortality vessel, whereby something could create meaning, or continue to create meaning, beyond its own life. -- Causa sui

March 18 2022

Of all of the styled components I've set up with MDX, blockquotes proved the most challenging. The custom component courier I set up in NextJS refused to render the blockquote tag with styled-components. So I had to make a .module.css and put the blockquote styles in there. But then the citations didn't work because they're not passed as props! Quite annoying.

On the plus side content: open-quote; is a pretty dope css selector.

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But creator has none of the glamour of artist, nor the appeal of other terms for people who make things: choreographer, DJ, singer, producer, painter. Each of these signify a particular craft or practice, a discipline that takes years to develop, an identity that one doesn’t just become overnight. A painter is supposed to have drafting skills that must be trained, learn color theory and master materials; a DJ must develop a deep knowledge of music and an archive of records to choose from. These terms have meaning because of their established history in culture, a legacy of practice and practitioners. Creator, by contrast, is generic. It is vague and deprofessionalized. Unlike amateur creativity — making pottery as a hobby, for example — it is commodified, because being a creator is defined by the ability to monetize online. -- In the New Digital Economy, Are Artists Creators?

March 16 2022

Eventually I'll write a whole post about the process of creating the experience on the stories page, but for now I'll just share the code on how to upload a file to Cloudflare Images from your iPhone.

Other News

Jeff Tweedy songs in a near-mumble, conveying a mood of an intimate, revelatory confession, perhaps to only one other person, the sort of thing that gets spoken late at night near a dying campfire. Looking back, though, the narrator is ambivalent. “I fell in love with the burden holding me down”; “in my mind I miss being told how to live.” Could it be that the certainties of faith outweigh its strictures? -- Four Songs with Unique Perspectives on Spirituality

March 14 2022

React + styled components can do DOM targeting, but it's a bit of a hack tbh.

  1. useEffect allows for document and window instantiation.
  2. Regular JS functions can be declared in the function scope and referred to in useEffect
  3. To access css classes, use styles import. This also can be done in useEffect to set up event listeners.

An example of all three findings:

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Following Archimedes' principle, bubbles in liquid generally rise because of the gas-liquid density difference. Despite the natural rising behaviour of bubbles, after pouring Guinness beer in a pint glass, the bubbles can be observed to descend. At the same moment, a vast number of small bubbles with a mean diameter of 50 μm (only 1/10 the size of those in Budweiser or champagne disperse throughout the entire glass. We can also observe the fascinating texture motion as a number-density distribution of bubbles travelling downwards. Curiously, although creamy bubbles have been served in Guinness beer for more than half a century, the mystery of such a cascading motion of bubbles has been debated in terms of fluid dynamics ever since.

Instead of finding a proximate cause, it's more likely that in many universes, bubonic plague did do in the species. But because we survived it we see a bunch of wins and falsely attach causation to a situation in which to an outside observer, we just got lucky as one of a cohort -- Personal Reprashing of a passage in The Black Swan

March 13 2022

The term "career" is overloaded. A "career" encapsulates self worth, take home income, daily processes and impact. These are all different goals with different metrics that a career alone cannot satisfy (see Knapsack problem on from March 12).

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The current Texas State Capitol is the third building to serve that purpose. The first was a wooden structure that had served as the national capitol of the Texas Republic and continued as the seat of government upon Texas' admission to the Union. The second Texas capitol was built in 1853, on the same site as the present capitol in Austin; it was destroyed by fire in 1881, but plans had already been made to replace it with a new, much larger structure -- Texas State Capitol

Consider the wheel, if you are a stone-age historical thinker you must predict the invention of the wheel. In which case you already know how to build a wheel.

March 12 2022

Another way to think about the 0-1 Knapsack problem recursion aspect is that the function calls are iterating through the two available options: put it in the bag, or don't. Do this with every child branch until you've seen all the options. now has stories. But actually, though.

Other News

I wonder how many beautiful unique things got replaced by big ticket stores like Walmart. Will that trend continue?

"I flicked through the channels to see what else was on and the very best option available was a program called Great British Rail Journeys in which a former politician named Michael Portillo with a taste for annoyingly colorful suits rides trains around the country for half an hour. Occasionally he would get off the train and spend approximately forty seconds with a local historian who would explain to him why something that used to be there is no longer there. “So this used to be the site of the biggest prosthetics mill in Lancashire?” Michael would say. “That’s right. Fourteen thousand girls worked here in its heyday.” “Gosh. And now it’s this giant supermarket?” “That’s right.” “Gosh. That’s progress for you. Well, I’m off to Oldham to see where they used to make sheep dip. Ta-ta.” And this really was the best thing on." -- The Road to Little Dribbling

"Luo Guanzhong's classic book Romance of the Three Kingdoms begins: "The empire long divided must unite and long united must divide. Thus it has ever been."" -- Principles for Dealing with a Changing World Order

March 11 2022

MDX is really cumbersome to setup. Here's what worked for me (NextJS):

  1. MDXRemote was a life saver. MDXProvider didn't work when passing in a source string as it expects a qualifed mdx file (which I couldn't figure out how to pass programmatically (welcome to dynamic import hell))
  2. If you plan on using rehype-slug or any similar module, you'll have to convert next.config.js to next.config.mjs

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March 10 2022

I always wanted Substack to add a way for highlighting some text, a blockquote for example, and tweeing it out.

Here's my take on a "Click to Tweet" React component:

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