I Wish Programming Were More Emotional

Consider the experience of learning a foreign language, beautifully described by Iris Murdoch:

If I am learning, for instance, Russian, I am confronted by an authoritative structure which commands my respect. The task is difficult and the goal is distant and perhaps never entirely attainable. My work is a progressive revelation of something which exists independently of me. Attention is rewarded by a knowledge of reality. Love of Russian leads me away from myself towards something alien to me, something which my consciousness cannot take over, swallow up, deny or make unreal.

-- The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction, Matthew Crawford

I chose programming as my craft because of the reality and fairness of deterministic logic, the ease of scale from copying without degridation and the near infinite amount of creativity of a world that plays by the rules of silicon instead of carbon.

I wish programming were more emotional.

I wish others could see the pull on my heartstrings programming has.

I wish that there wasn't so much jargon, so much obfuscation, so much...distance between the developer and the people.

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