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In college I misused !important a lot but most of the time i just wanted my sites to look passable, or at least as good as the other kids in my class. It seemed to me at the time that slick designs and higher grades were causally linked.

Be wary of websites that are just slick designs

Some websites are build "trust" from their slick designs and smooth animations. This can mean one of two things:

  1. The company pays great attention to detail, and their product is top notch
  2. The company is trying to blind you to their failings by using a coat of paint

A trick to discover the true value offering is to imagine the site delivering info to you if it were ugly. (that is unless you are aware that you are paying for a fresh coat of paint, nothing wrong with that, I'm a big fan of fashion)

Surgeons should not look like surgeons.

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