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Good Products Are Hard To Vary

to gain fans who are willing to pay $1,000 a year—no small sum—creators need to offer a step-function increase in value. The recipe, then, is to go niche and to tap into users’ desire for results. Practically, what does that look like? It means providing differentiated content, community, accountability, and access.
1. Premium content and community that has no close substitutes
2. Delivering tangible value and results
3. Accountability
4. Access, recognition and status (View Highlight)
The creator economy is in the midst of a decisive shift—from a “bigger is better,” ad-driven revenue model to one of niche communities and direct user-to-creator payment. (View Highlight)

You Get A Car, He Gets a Bike

The key to monetizing at $1,000 per fan, per year is tailored offerings priced at tiered levels. (View Highlight)

I think this strategy is highly slept on. We all spend so much time mimetically trying to impress other humans, we rarely realize we'd be more valuable by offering unique stuff, and then charging crazy amounts for it. Just like good explanations, good products are hard to vary