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Bram Adams (@bramses) is a writer and programmer based out of NYC.

Bram publishes a weekly newsletter (Sundays), is a community developer ambassador for OpenAI, and does freelance contracts (for hire!) related to AI/web dev/AR+VR.

Bram is the creator of Stenography, an API and VSC Extension that automatically documents code on save, which went #1 on Product Hunt. He also is the author of Bramses' Highly Opinionated Vault, an extremely detailed philosophy + vault template used by hundreds of Obsidian users (new and old!), and ChatGPT MD, a (nearly) seamless integration of Chat GPT into Obsidian which has been downloaded by over fifteen thousand Obsidian users.


On This Site

Newsletters - Every Sunday. Curated by me (members only)

Chats with GPT - Improv conversations with GPT-4, testing the boundaries of what LLMs can do, and how to utilize them to the fullest – including the concept of modality switching (members only full text versions)

Instabrams - Audio, video, text and code artifacts, a look into the daily process of a programmer and writer.

Essays - Long form thought pieces.

Monorepo (links out to GitHub) - A centralized place where you can view all of my active projects and how they connect to each other.