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About Bram

Bram Adams (@bramses) is a creative technologist and commonplacer based out of NYC.

Bram publishes a weekly newsletter (Sundays), is a community developer ambassador for OpenAI, and does freelance contracts (for hire!) related to AI/web dev/AR+VR.

As of Fall 2023, Bram is actively working on Commonplace Bot, a novel and modern look into how LLMs and creative coding can help us capture, engage, and creatively remix the best pieces of information we come across. You can test it out live in the Bram Adams' Discord server.

Bram is the creator of Stenography, an API and VSC Extension that automatically documents code on save, which went #1 on Product Hunt. He also is the author of Bramses' Highly Opinionated Vault, an extremely detailed philosophy + vault template used by thousands of Obsidian users (new and old!), and ChatGPT MD, a (nearly) seamless integration of Chat GPT into Obsidian which has been downloaded by over twenty thousand Obsidian users. He also taught the GPT-3 in Production Course for O'Reilly Media, teaching students how to leverage LLMs in the real world of production.

Previously Developer Advocate @ Algolia, Software Engineer @ HBO, Computer Science B.S. @ University of Rochester



Newsletters - Every Sunday. Curated by me (members only). See an example of the format here.

Essays - Long form thought pieces.

Short Stories - A collection of parables and stories I've written. Fictional essays basically.

Vault - Deep dives into the components of Obsidian, GPT, automation, writing, philosophy, project management, and more! Only available to paid members.

Quoordinates - A 3D exploration space of quotes I've highlighted from books over the years. You are what you read! (Best experienced on desktop)

Creative Coding - Generative Art (p5.js + canvas-sketch + midjourney are my tools of choice generally)

Books - Books I've Read. I try to knock out five per month. Reviews, Quotes. (Here is my Goodreads!)

Livestreams - Sometimes I go live on Twitch!

Instabrams - Audio, video, text and code artifacts, a look into the daily process of a programmer and writer.

Chats with GPT - Improv conversations with GPT-4, testing the boundaries of what LLMs can do, how to utilize them to the fullest – including the concept of modality switching (members only full text versions).

Public Roadmap (links out to Trello) - See what I'm reading, what I'm working on, what makes this website tick!

Creative Coding Archive (links out to Notion) - An archive of my creative coding works over the years.