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Cheap Wins and ChatGPT

People don’t really want innovation
People talk about innovation a whole lot, but what they are usually looking for is cheap wins and novelty. If you truly innovate, and change the way that people have to do things, expect mostly negative feedback. If you believe in what you’re doing, and know it will really improve things, then brace yourself for a long battle. (View Highlight)

I've been seeing this a lot with ChatGPT Twitter blowing up. Similar to the GPT-3 Twitter takeover that happened in 2020, we see a bunch of low effort "I solved business with AI guys, check out my sweet ass demo" videos taking over. Some of these fake companies will generate millions of dollars and quickly face the devil in the details that much of AI is still desperately shallow, especially when you need to deploy it in production. Most of them will fade into the Twitter nether like the last batch did (myself included!)

Even more sad, the truly innovative technologies like Embeddings fly under the radar because they aren't a cheap win.