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Crytpo is Full of Con Artists, Good Riddance

Lord give me the confidence of a disgraced South Korean cryptocurrency developer who just vaporized $45 billion (View Tweet)

or SBF going on his media tour literally days before his arrest[1]

In a Twitter Spaces during the day on Monday, Bankman-Fried said, “I don’t think I will be arrested"…
Adam Neumann is the cofounder of a company called Flowcarbon that just raised $70M.
This is the opening slide in their deck that describes what they do.
You guys, they are selling something called the Goddess Nature Token.
This is not a shitpost.

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Q2 2020: web3 is the future!
Q1 2021: half of web3 is a scam, but 50% is the future.
Q3 2021: 95% of web3 is a scam, but 5% is the future.
Q1 2022: lol okay 99% of web3 is a scam, but that 1%? The future.
Q2 2022: okay guys it’s literally all a scam, except for my project. (View Tweet)
Scott Minerd makes $30m per year as a chief investment officer.
He called Bitcoin at $600,000 last year, and then revised to $8,000 this week.
Dream job. (View Tweet)
If you recognize all four of these people 202301031424, then your portfolio is down 97% this year.

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one of the reasons i'm leaving austin is that i honest to god hate crypto, and it's all anyone talks about around these parts. it's exhausting. ↩︎