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Technology Terraformed The Earth

Why did our ancestors develop agriculture, society, medicine, and the like? To survive. The elements of our world were once just solutions to fears. (Location 46)

Very similar to the debunking David Deutsch did in The Beginning of Infinity about Spaceship Earth. The Earth is not a calm or peaceful place to live in the slightest.

Our technology "terraformed" Earth to be comfortable for people.

There Are Very Few Fossils of the Elderly

few individuals live comfortably or die of old age in the supposedly beneficent biosphere. (Location 875)
There are very few fossils of old people.
(Location 920)

Don't retire, continue to perspire 202212212242!

The Earth is Not Safe

The biosphere only ever achieves stability – and only temporarily at that – by continually neglecting, harming, disabling and killing individuals. (Location 883)
the overwhelming majority of species that have ever existed on Earth (perhaps 99.9 per cent of them) are now extinct. (Location 890)
a heap of raw materials is not the same thing as a life-support system. It takes knowledge to convert the one into the other, (Location 907)
There are very few fossils of old people.png
desert ground.png
The only uniquely significant thing about humans (whether in the cosmic scheme of things or according to any rational human criterion) is our ability to create new explanations, and we have that in common with all people. You do not become less of a person if you lose a limb in an accident; it is only if you lose your brain that you do. Changing our genes in order to improve our lives and to facilitate further improvements is no different in this regard from augmenting our skin with clothes or our eyes with telescopes. (Location 1069)