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Sydney Sweeney is Actually a Boss

Although Sweeney is now becoming a household name, she’s been working in Hollywood for over a decade. When she was 12, she drafted a five-year career plan and presented it to her parents in a PowerPoint to convince them to let her work as an actress, according to a recent interview with British GQ.
“It said something along the lines of: if she auditioned for X short film, she’d be recruited by agents Y and Z, and then she’d booked this film where she’ll meet this well-connected producer, and so on,” reporter Iana Murray notes. (View Highlight)
Her family spent the next few years traveling between Sweeney’s hometown of Spokane, Washington and Los Angeles for auditions. She had booked small roles in “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds” and other TV shows, but it wasn’t the kind of Emmy-winning work she had hoped for as a pre-teen.
Meanwhile, Sweeney was dealing with heartache in her personal life: The Sweeneys lost their house in Spokane due to money troubles and her parents got divorced.
Five years passed quickly – and Sweeney recalls the exact moment she realized her career hadn’t panned out the way she planned it, on the morning of her 18th birthday.
“I always thought that when I turned 18, I’d have made enough money to buy my parent’s old house back,” she told British GQ. “And somehow by buying that house back, it would have [brought] my parents back together.” (View Highlight)
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The 5 year time flops are insane:

  1. Makes five year powerpoint plan about being successful actress at 12
  2. Feels like a failure at 17, parents divorce
  3. Cast in Euphoria, HBO's most watched first season show to date at 22
The first season was the most watched of HBO's series in the 18–49 demographic
Euphoria (American TV series) - Wikipedia
Sweeney once told Influencer Intelligence that in another life, she would be an architect, lawyer or pro athlete (“in any type of sport”). But it’s clear that her original dream job – actress – is working out just fine.
Much of Sweeney’s success can be credited to her self-determination: In addition to acting, British GQ reports that she’s also studying entertainment law at business school and running her own production company, among other projects.(View Highlight)
google has a lot of information sydney sweeny

She played her role in White Lotus really well too, I couldn't stand her character. She played spoiled brat so well. Though in the end, her brother caught the W.
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