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The Paradox of Search

I have aspired and failed multiple times to build a federated embedded search experience to data that is important to me. But when it comes down to it, I just want peace from the deluge of new items to process.

I also am using the amazing new technology of Rewind and yet I frequently find myself at a loss for what to search when I'm in the "Matrix".

I'm a follower in the tango dance of surfacing information and novel ideas.

The queue is overloaded, and searching it does little.

Tiny decisions squat on your primo lot rent-free. They don’t pay. They don’t apologize. They just steal your brainpower. Sure, a lot of this comes from our increasingly connected world. Nicholas Carr, author of New York Times bestseller The Shallows, says, “The Net’s interactivity gives us powerful new tools for finding information, expressing ourselves, and conversing with others. It also turns us into lab rats constantly pressing levers to get tiny pellets of social or intellectual nourishment.” (Location 1944)