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The Manic Zettelkasten Mood

closed mode “most of the time when we’re at work. We have inside us a feeling that there’s lots to be done and we have to get on with it if we’re going to get through it all. It’s an active, probably slightly anxious mode, although the anxiety can be exciting and pleasurable . . . It’s a mode in which we’re very purposeful and it’s a mode in which we can get very stressed and even a bit manic.” (Location 2205)

omg i'm in this manic mood at this exact moment.[1] the anxiety of having infinite zettels to create (a mt everest sized pile in my #to-process)[2] but the output of each zetttel being atomic in scope has a satisfying finality. the creativity of some of these zettels is blowing me away like "fondong" 202212192046 or the ying-yang narcolepsy screenplay 202212192225

  1. ^xa9thp

  2. it's coming along! 202301111303