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Humble Feminine

Bram Adams
Bram Adams
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I learned that the word "humble" comes from the word "humus," meaning of the earth and feminine. It really changes the vibe of Kendrick's HUMBLE. Additionally, I read advice from a book to be friendly towards a powerful man but not too modest, in order to be his equal and not his servant.
The origin of the word ‘humble’ traces back to ‘humus’—it means of the earth, feminine, unsophisticated. (Location 167)
humble etymology 1.png
humble etymology 2.png
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Bitch be feminine, sit down

hits a bit different

Be friendly towards him; he is very powerful, but do not be too modest. I do not want you to be his servant, but his equal; otherwise I shall not be pleased with you. Kamaswami is beginning to grow old and indolent. If you please him, he will place great confidence in you.” (Location 537)

Bram Adams

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