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So Much to Process - So Little Time

Don’t forget that the “needs attention” box ought to be empty. If there are papers in it, be aware that this means you have left things undone in your life that require your attention. (Location 1132)

My #to-process folder is going off rn. The act of going through the inbox is an organizational unto itself to find the ideas you love and discard the ones you don't (202212281202)

The trick is not to overcategorize. Divide your clothes roughly into “cotton-like” and “wool-like” materials when you put them in the drawer. (Location 979)

Tags work for real items as well as digital ones!

If you release and let the energy pass through, then it will go away. If you relax when the pain comes up inside your heart, and actually dare to face it, it will pass. Every single time you relax and release, a piece of the pain leaves forever. Yet every time you resist and close, you are building up the pain inside. It’s like damming up a stream. (Location 1521)

or adding it to the pile of items to process