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The Fear of Death is the Root of All Anger

Fear is the cause of every problem. It’s the root of all prejudices and the negative emotions of anger, jealousy, and possessiveness. If you had no fear, you could be perfectly happy living in this world. Nothing would bother you. You’d be willing to face everything and everyone because you wouldn’t have fear inside of you that could cause you disturbance. (Location 1045)

Ernst Becker philosophized that the fear of death being the root of all fears means the root off all prejudice, anger, etc. is death

A wise person realizes that at any moment they may breathe out, and the breath may not come back in. (Location 2196)
You really don’t need more time before death; what you need is more depth of experience during the time you’re given. (Location 2290)
Never had it been so strangely clear to Siddhartha how closely related passion was to death. (Location 724)