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Read More Books by Finishing Less Books

Shout out to the dude in this airport lounge who opened a book, read five or six pages, sighed, closed the book, stood up, walked a few steps, and dropped it right into the trash can. (View Tweet)
You may discover that what you get from skimming is all the book is worth to you for the time being. It may never be worth more. But you will know at least what the author’s main contention is, as well as what kind of book he has written, so the time you have spent looking through the book will not have been wasted. (Location 553)
Many books are hardly worth even skimming; some should be read quickly; and a few should be read at a rate, usually quite slow, that allows for complete comprehension. (Location 650)
read what you love until you love to read.” It’s that simple (View Highlight)
at some point there’s too much out there to read. Even reading is full of junk. (View Highlight)