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Whatever I Do What I Want

threatened legal action against a 20-year-old, pontificated on how doxing is banned on the platform, and then immediately posted a video doxing a man (View Highlight)
Musk is free to moderate his new platform as he wishes. That was the entire premise of Twitter's previous approach, which, for all its failings, typically followed a corporate-bureaucratic process with many people giving input, as Musk's own Twitter Files have shown. Now, ==it's clear that Musk is running Twitter as his personal fiefdom, playing Calvinball with the rules, and his commitments to free speech and moderating within the law have gone out the window. ==(View Highlight)

Unfortunately for Musk, at the end of the day, Twitter is a business, and the castle is on fire ever since he passed his likability limit (202212210203).

His ability to do outrage marketing is extremely impressive, though I do wish he'd put his attention back into moonshot engineering organizations rather than the website responsible for gems like:

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