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The Difference Between Art and Merchandise

How can I tell what Banksy merchandise is genuine? Banksy makes art, which generally speaking can be defined as something that didn’t exist before and that works in a specific location. Merchandise is taking one of these pieces of art and sticking it on a photo canvas or toilet roll holder. Banksy doesn’t do merchandise. So weirdly, if something looks like a ‘Banksy product’ it almost certainly isn’t. The closest Banksy gets to making products are the small runs of weird ideas sold by GDP™. So whilst it’s admittedly quite funny that one nutter in Norway legally changed their name to ‘Banksy’ in order to get paid to endorse wine, you should treat any such products with scepticism. Heard of the phrase ‘in vino veritas’? Doesn’t apply here.

The relationship between art's existence and art selling is abstract

  • how does one sell what isn't made?
Here’s the main takeaway I really want to drive home: investors don’t care about how your product will make the world a better place or change the industry. Instead, when pitching investors, startups should focus on how they’re planning to grow their value and aggressively raise further rounds. (View Highlight)
  • Art doesn't solve a prior problem before it's instantiation
  • Under that logic, neither does any object in the universe -- people birds, zirconium (this may need more thought)
  • Selling precludes ownership and incidentally profit precludes revenue > cost
  • just ask all those people who tried to grift NFTs through 2021 202212170120
  • The dickriding goes absolutely crazy to legally charge your name to make money -- its like throwing AI into a company name for a cheap win 202212160252