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The Chamath ETF

Chamath was working at Facebook before you even joined.
Chamath bought Bitcoin before you even knew what it was.
Chamath invested in the Warriors before you became a fan.
Chamath lost 90% of his portfolio before you lost 90% of yours.
Always two steps ahead. (View Tweet)

get yaself a spac!

I've never really trusted this guy, but to be fair, I trust very few people who masquerade as hyper intelligent visionaries (vcs are constantly guilty of this) by basically picking good bets in the gambling market ^vn5vje

At the end of the day, VCs need the startup to stay ‘’alive’’ until the next round and don’t care much about what happens to it afterward. This may sound a bit cynical, but by approaching investors with such a mindset, founders might have higher chances to get the money they need. (View Highlight)