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Money as an Indicator of Value

“Money is a neutral indicator of value. By aiming to make money, you’re aiming to be valuable.” (Location 1585)
“If you’re struggling to raise money for an idea, or are thinking that you will support your idea with unrelated work, then you need to rethink the idea.” (Location 1588)

Money proves the possibility that your idea is not trash, but raising money/moving units does not conclude that your product isn't trash. Most VCs are just degenerate gamblers that try and poop out startups that they can drag along to different series capitalizations. 202212170120, ^vn5vje ^5876cf

the law of financial viability, and described it as follows: “When deciding whether to follow an appealing pursuit that will introduce more control into your work life, ask yourself whether people are willing to pay you for it. If so, continue. If not, move on.” (Location 2414)

Not too difficult, assuming your idea solves a core problem in the human experience landscape: status, knowledge, love and relationships, health, entertainment, etc…