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Shitpoop.AI (worth $20 billion)

Have you ever been to a party or gathering and been seated next to someone who just spends the whole night talking about themselves? It gets old pretty fast. You keep giving half-hearted smiles and polite nods but your mind is elsewhere, and that exit sign is calling your name. Similarly, most advertising by small businesses is inwardly focused. Instead of speaking to the needs and problems of the prospect, it is focused on self-aggrandizement. The prominent logo and company name, the laundry list of services, the claims of being the leading provider of that product or service. All of these things are shouting, “Look at me!” Unfortunately, you’re in a crowded market, and with everyone shouting “look at me!” at the same time, it just becomes background noise. By contrast, direct response marketing focuses heavily on the needs, thoughts, and emotions of the target market. By doing this, you enter the conversation already going on in the mind of your ideal prospect. You will resonate at a deeper level with your prospect, and your ad will stand out from 99% of other ads that are just shouting and talking about themselves. (Location 659)

S/o any AI business in 2023, any web3 business in 2022. TBH, I don't want AI anywhere near your business name. And if your product is good, it should be focused on the customer's use of it, not it's vortex of self reference.

Wild that the tragedy of the commons makes business more about gospel than practice (202212170120, 202212182001)