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Kaleidoscope Thoughts

IDK if anyone is actually taking advantage of the fact that the episodes of this show can be watched in any order.

  • too lazy, autoplay is why people watch NFLX
  • there are characters that get introduced in previous episodes, and that would cause confusion

Peter Mark Kendall !== Jack Quaid
kaleidoscope peter kendall Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-04-03.png
kaleidoscope jack quaid Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-04-32.png

they look so similar tho…

Why Do People Make Out in Floor to Ceiling Windowed Offices
kaleidoscope windowed office Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-17-41.png

Police in Heist Movies Somehow Always Have Perfect Information on Their Tails and Never Get Noticed
kaleidoscope cops always right place Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-06-35.png

Pretty Based Actually
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-14-43.png
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-14-51.png
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-14-59.png
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-15-11.png
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-15-24.png
kaleidoscope countries Screenshot 2023-01-08 03-15-32.png


In this episode, Ray faces a lot of prejudice being treated as a criminal by rich white people because he's black. But the thing is… he is a thief in the show which makes them… right in this very specific case XD? So why make that a central theme of the episode?

I don't know how an entire building that houses millions of dollars of merchandise somehow lacks sprinklers.

Mia Atehortua is crushing the role as daughter in this show and Atlanta too, she's no lie a great actress.

Being a spouse of a main character with a tragic backstory sucks because it is a guaranteed gruesome death


Heist shows always out here trying to one up each other with the things they put into the final boss safes. "It detects your sperm count and if its off by even a single sperm, the room immediately heats up to 1000C and you die"

What happened to Hannah's pregnancy being a main topic of the show?

When did ray learn to program 17 years in a body shop in prison

The thieves all want to risk lives to live on some beach or some shit for 500/month
a better character motivation is just challenge and thrill -money is too brittle a motivator for this level of risk

bro owns worlds most secure safe and leaves bedroom window unlocked

can you trace an encrypted email? depending on how many proxies it went through[1]

lot of interesting backstabs being setup this episode
(literally 5 min later) nvm it was Andrew heat's off it was lame

the heist powow room meetings are always filled with one liners and some random science but i appreciate they're involving us
my turn on xbox.png

That's Usually Where You Keep Em
he had pictures of his family Screenshot 2023-01-09 02-42-18.png
in his house Screenshot 2023-01-09 02-42-29.png

He Did the Face!!!
he did the face Screenshot 2023-01-09 02-49-31.png
he did the face Screenshot 2023-01-09 02-49-41.png
metal we are not the same.png

Porque No Los Dos
kaleidoscope yes Screenshot 2023-01-09 15-32-16.png

bedshot 1Screenshot 2023-01-09 15-35-16.png
bedshot 2Screenshot 2023-01-09 15-35-29.png
bedshot 3 Screenshot 2023-01-09 15-36-09.png

Dear Judy
dear judy Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-05-19.png
dear judy Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-05-30.png
dear judy Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-05-45.png

kaledioscope humor gold Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-24-02.png
kaledioscope humor gold Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-24-16.png
kaledioscope humor gold Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-24-29.png
kaledioscope humor gold Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-24-42.png

Justice Focuses on Repairing Harm Caused By Crime

(poster in the back)
justice focuses on Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-45-19.png

Oh I Couldn't Hear You Up There On Your High Horse
carrying that cross Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-47-17.png
carrying that cross Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-47-30.png
carrying that cross Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-47-38.png
carrying that cross Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-47-47.png
carrying that cross Screenshot 2023-01-09 16-47-59.png


yo they killed stan’s family what a crazy ass move for a security company

these people live like degens post the heist i love it -- living in busted ass motels in SC
troupe hideout.png

bob dies + stans wife dies ez money

why did stan wear glasses to the heist when he never wore them in the shop?


yo how could you start with this episode lmao its literally all spoilers

bobs goons have a great rapport

202301120201 the sense of crazed justice Nazan has is wild

Easter Eggs

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lmao ↩︎