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Billionaire Bootlicking

There is a lot of bootlicking of billionaires on Twitter, but to be fair Elon Musk is a complex man and his accomplishments are awe-inspiring.

Bram Adams
Bram Adams
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Billionaire Bootlicking

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A few years too late, my good friend and mentor, Andrew, explained to me something he calls The Billionaire Rule, which is: Any time a billionaire wants to work with you, never say, “No.” (Location 1326)
Don’t be pressured into making any decisions or signing any documents you’re unsure about. Rushing into a poor decision or agreement can be catastrophic, whereas missing an opportunity will not be. (Location 1428)

These two ideas are in direct conflict lmao, as well as quite a bit of billionaire bootlicking,[1] assuming that a billionaire is a good person because they are a billionaire?

There is a ton of Elon bootlicking on Twitter, we need more JCR Lickidier…licking, or Claude Shannon bootlicking. That said, Elon is a complex man (who has passed his likability limit[2]) and there is no doubt that this Starlink photo is awe inspiring.

  1. I think I got this term from Hasan Piker talking about Elon stans

  2. 202212210203


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