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Financial Freedom or Just Freedom

Start minding your own business. Keep your daytime job, but start buying real assets, not liabilities. (Location 1219)

The ideal path is to have a three part pie graph with moving percentages:

  1. Working for others
  2. Working for yourself
  3. Having assets work for you

You should leverage #1 to build the skills and relationships for #2. Eventually automate/delegate your role out of #2 to get most of your income from #3 so that near/all of your income comes from #3 or projects you choose take on in #2 with asset classes you enjoy 202301130022

Pieter Lievels does this really well.

Morse, who was living on a tiny salary after being appointed professor of literature of the arts of design at New York University, frequently had to choose between spending his money on food or components for his telegraph. So it had taken him a long time to build the device. (Location 463)