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Notes on "My YouTube Addiction"

YouTube is the perfect evolution of the Peekaboo World Neil Postman warned us about, as it gives the illusion of learning but is often not as effective as reading.

I empathize. Using YT as a default becomes a toxic, infinite rabbit hole.


Also empathize. The less projects actively involved in, the easier it is for YouTube to slip in to fill the gaps. YouTube is to mindless consumption as vaping is to tobacco. It feels like learning is happening (albeit less than reading provides 202301130109), but at the end of the day, you'd be hard pressed to explain what information you consumed.

YouTube is the 2023 perfect evolution of the Peekaboo World Neil Postman warned us about.

In a peculiar way, the photograph was the perfect complement to the flood of telegraphic news-from-nowhere that threatened to submerge readers in a sea of facts from unknown places about strangers with unknown faces. For the photograph gave a concrete reality to the strange-sounding datelines, and attached faces to the unknown names. Thus it provided the illusion, at least, that “the news” had a connection to something within one’s sensory experience. It created an apparent context for the “news of the day.” And the “news of the day” created a context for the photograph. But the sense of context created by the partnership of photograph and headline was, of course, entirely illusory. You may get a better sense of what I mean here if you imagine a stranger’s informing you that the illyx is a subspecies of vermiform plant with articulated leaves that flowers biannually on the island of Aldononjes. And if you wonder aloud, “Yes, but what has that to do with anything?” imagine that your informant replies, “But here is a photograph I want you to see,” and hands you a picture labeled Illyx on Aldononjes. “Ah, yes,” you might murmur, “now I see.” (Location 1328)


One of my all time favorite quotes, along with 202212291409

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