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Giving Numbers a Reality TV Drama

“I indulged in extravagant anthropomorphisms, just as I had earlier when it came to numbers, and I used to fancy, for instance, how three 37s yearned, just yearned, to merge to form 111. When it came to the elements, I felt sorry for the inert gases—they fascinated me perhaps more than any other elements, but I felt sorry for them—for example, for xenon, which it was thought at the time could not merge with anything, although I suspected it could with fluorine. I used to muse: The passion of fluorine should be able to overcome even the aloof coldness of xenon—and years later this was proved so. In 1960, xenon hexafluoride was derived, just as I’d predicted in 1944. ‘Hooray, it exists,’ I remember thinking; I knew it would. I merely couldn’t command the pressures and the temperatures. (View Highlight)

Do 9 and 2 strive to become 11? Perhaps not, they seem to be more acquaintance than friend. Cordial, to be sure, but not bedfellows.

33 is probably a narcissist given its inclination to talk about itself (66, 99)

When 25 meets 41 it becomes ashamed of itself, hiding cautiously behind 10 (25*41=1025)