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Does Fame Make You Special?

Saw Cara Delevingne and Sarah Snyder and now i don't think famous people are all that special -- they just seemed kinda… boring tbh -- and they both dated Jaden Smith, was it for clout or did they genuinely like the guy, I wonder?[1]

On the other hand, I love how Doja Cat (and others) use their body as a canvas, I respect it a lot, even if it's mainly marketing

Doja Cat on Instagram

I'm very driven by the idea of becoming a hunter in aspects of life where I have a goal to pursue, but I think so many famous people wouldn't really make the "cut" of hunter if it weren't for social proof ^dc13d3, and the unspoken game twenty-somethings play with each other 202212270339

Here's a great collection of people tinkering/creating/learning without obvious signs of social proof, but perhaps I'm biased as a person who wants everyone to own their own node on the Internet.

i love the ERYS album ↩︎