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Meta Employees Embarrassed by Tech

Bram Adams
Bram Adams
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frustrating to hear from people inside Meta who found the Quest 2 headsets so unreliable that they refused to use them for work or demo them for people outside the company. (View Highlight)

I'm optimistic that Reality Labs will create something worth using eventually, but I find it unlikely that cultural adoption will happen before Meta collapses -- especially when the builders of the tool aren't excited to share their prototypes with others to see what might stick.

Technology adoption curves eventually become obligation curves (^014052). What was true in the 19th century is just as accurate in the 21st.

Books explaining the construction and working of the cable were rushed out to capitalize on the sudden interest in all things telegraphic.[1] (Location 941)
telegraphy was regarded as an attractive profession, offering the hope of rapid social advancement and fueling the expansion of the middle class. Courses, books, and pamphlets teaching Morse code to beginners flourished. (Location 1588)


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Morse Code Translator | Morse Code World

Tweets about chatgpt in 2023 lmao -- sell shovels!! ↩︎


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