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Knowledge Work Anxiety

There is a lot of anxiety in being a knowledge worker -- coming home after a long day of work with nothing physical to show for it can cause acute anxiety. Abstraction leads to the need to create fake metrics to satiate one's desire to "make something impactful"

One reason I desire to build career capital and be "So Good I Can't Be Ignored" 202301051907, is to kill this voice inside my head (I've come a long way, me and the voice are kinda chill now)

“Stop focusing on these little details,” it told me. “Focus instead on becoming better.” Inspired, I turned my attention from my website to a habit that continues to this day: I track the hours spent each month dedicated to thinking hard about research problems (in the month in which I first wrote this chapter, for example, I dedicated forty-two hours to these core tasks). (Location 511)