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Implicit Solitary Confinement

Can solitude can actually be a good thing and help us tap into our creative potential?

The boundary between solitude and loneliness is permeable and unstable, after all. (View Highlight)

Note that retirement will intensify the feelings of loneliness 202212212242 -- without having built the skill of solitude.

Do the elderly attain wisdom from their time alone? Those who survive in the social vacuum and are forced to contend with the shape of their thoughts?

The Skill of Solitude

You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts; And when you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart you live in your lips, and sound is a diversion and a pastime. (Location 428)
Paradoxically, solitude begets solidarity.  “Labor is a craft, but perfect rest is an art.” (View Highlight)
It’s not even meditating. It’s just sitting there. Zoning the fuck out. Sometimes I meditate. Other times I fall asleep. 100% not judging the process. Not judging the process is key. I try to do it weekly - but realistically it’s like every 2/3 weeks for me. Sometimes it’s one day. Other times, it’s 3. I try to alternate between sabbath and weekend trips/experiences. (View Highlight)

Where boredom lives, creativity is sure to follow.

Profound boredom stems from an abundance of uninterrupted time spent in relative solitude, which can lead to indifference, apathy, and people questioning their sense of self and their existence - but which Heidegger said could also pave the way to more creative thinking and activity. (View Highlight)


This JavaScript program helps users cultivate the skill of solitude and tap into their creative potential. It includes features such as a solitude timer, boredom embracement prompts, a non-judgment zone, a balance tracker, creativity prompts, and a wisdom sharing platform. By embracing solitude and reflecting on their thoughts and emotions, users can gain insights and wisdom, and tap into their creative potential.