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Two Museums That Show The Breadth and Depth of Human Arcana

What secrets of human history can be discovered in two museums?


Froggyland – Museum of the best taxidermy in the world

Froggland, Split (Croatia) - Imgur

The legacy of an eccentric, legacy anxious fellow:

A late 19th-century French mansion (pictured: west facade) shuttered for more than a century has opened its doors to the public, revealing an array of outdated luxuries and oddities.
The house once belonged to the wealthy, philanthropic, and "egocentric" civil servant Louis Mantin, according to Maud Leyoudec, assistant curator at the new Maison Mantin, or "Mantin house."
Mantin, who died in 1905, stated in his will that the house should be opened to the public a hundred years after his death

Frogs taxidermy found inside French mansion that had been sealed for 100 years : interestingasfuck[1]

The Frog That Committed Atrocities at Froggyland

The Icelandic Phallological Museum

in short, dicks.

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