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March 30 2023

What will happen on March 30, 2023?


  • i want to get back into recording my process -- running a solo internet biz means you need all of the content you can get to get eyeballs on the homepage (do less, better)
  • new bookmarks core plugin is awesome
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The Dilemma of the Developer

I don't know if I want to build a mega app. This device I hold in my hand (iPhone) is a marvel of engineering but was fabricated by many inventions[1] and put into one business with a philosophy (apple) who I purchased directly from. The process of building a major software architecture is a glorious challenge, but behind the flow state is exhaustion. Building Stenography was soooo hard,[2] but not uniquely satisfying…

In addition, open source is not that appealing, either. After the initial development, the creativity dries up in favor of maintaining and adding features that other people want instead of what you want. Worse yet, totally for free. Not a single red fucking penny. Note: this is not to say that everything needs to be commercialized or made for a profit motive, but users shouldn't expect core devs to work on something they effectively do pro bono for thousands of people. These two things are not mutually exclusive, and many developers who maintain active open source projects share similar sentiments:

Just because someone open sources something does not imply they owe the world a change in their status, focus and effort, e.g. from inventor to community manager. (View Highlight)
As a user of something open source you are not thereby entitled to anything at all. You are not entitled to contribute. You are not entitled to features. You are not entitled to the attention of others. You are not entitled to having value attached to your complaints. You are not entitled to this explanation. (View Highlight)
Open source is a no-strings-attached gift, and all participants should recognize it as such. (View Highlight)

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  1. The first touchscreen was invented in 1965 by E.A. Johnson, a physicist at the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, UK. It was called the "Elograph," and it used capacitive technology to detect finger touches on a screen. However, it wasn't until the release of IBM's Simon Personal Communicator in 1993 that touchscreens began to become more widely used and commercially successful.

  2. and caused more than one late night panic attack!