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April 05 2023

What will happen on April 05 2023?


working on my first chatgpt plugin! a ui-less smart daily schedule!
canvas for schedule plugin.png

experimenting with having gpt create different schedules based off different priorities. then im gonna do some routing logic, filtering, database etc. and see what shit comes out lmao
gpt prompts for different schedules.png

i found it
todays finds for

turn 6 magmaloc p good
turn 6 magmaloc.png

almost as good as two mecha jaraxxus turn 6
two mecha jaraxxus.png

20 armor sneed lmao -- full gray bar!
sneed 20 armor.png


this morning teamed up w gpt to have ai create assets automatically from transcripts. manual title creation be damned, bleh!


I think Fireship is right on the money here about llms writing code…it is much more effective to have a yaml psuedocode-like language and let llms fill in particulars (svelte, ruby, c, etc)

create a pseudocode language for …

(^ something that looks like yaml is best! + make sure to insert documentation into the yaml as comment!):


i liked this take a lot!

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