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April 20 2023

What will happen on April 20, 2023?


this day meant much more to me in college than it does now.

finished The Beginning of Infinity. one of the most insightful things i've ever consumed, and a meta book that affects all other reads from now on.

this ai drake stuff is about to be Streisand effect. you can't bottle this up, it will just create more clones.

i really like instabrams (see tag above). they feel like unstructured newsletters and freeform sharing. way easier to conduct thanks to my obsidian processes too!


Walls and Close up Angles
wall close up 1.png
wall close up 2.png
wall close up 3.png



I won't die until I'm dead - gyro - welfin

this deep lifestyle and focus on beauty and form is what i want im jealous -- this is so fucking cool

one day you'll be gone -- and your silver silverware will still be here. don't let it sit idle on the shelf. use the items you love.

how long is a human lifetime? Illness and old age are going to be cured soon – certainly within the next few lifetimes – and technology will also be able to prevent deaths through homicide or accidents by creating backups of the states of brains, which could be uploaded into new, blank brains in identical bodies if a person should die. Once that technology exists, people will consider it considerably more foolish not to make frequent backups of themselves than they do today in regard to their computers. If nothing else, evolution alone will ensure that, because those who do not back themselves up will gradually die out. So there can be only one outcome: effective immortality for the whole human population, with the present generation being one of the last that will have short lives. That being so, if our species will nevertheless have a finite lifetime, then knowing the total number of humans who will ever live provides no upper bound on that lifetime, because it cannot tell us how long the potentially immortal humans of the future will live before the prophesied catastrophe strikes. (Location 7883)


will ramos has such an amazing voice


history was written by Rome's elite. Nero was actually highly regarded by the Roman commoner...He did do all those insane villanous things, yes, but history is more gray than we give it credit for.

too late.
nero of hxh.png

the nero of hxh

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