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Issue 7: Find Your Q(uest), Go Forth and (Conque)R

On the gaslighting Tweets about compression, CHI-2023, and the romance of code

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Ye Olde Newsstand - Weekly Updates

A thought occurred to me this week. I spend a lot less time frustrated while programming these days. This, I think, is due to the error feedback loop becoming more "human" thanks to LLMs. Now instead of breaking flow to commune with an error, I simply delegate the task to a machine that freely offers alternatives to consider or potential fixes to engage with. This video, Coding an App from Bed, is a perfect example of this. I set out with an idea, and within an hour, had a working app.

Copy/Paste Coding with ChatGPT
In this video, we take a deep dive into an app that combines three different language models to generate a title, description, and AI art prompt for a YouTube thumbnail. From speech-to-text to image creation, see how AI can revolutionize the way we create content …assets ;)

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