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May 16 2023

edm songs from a bar, chrollo, alfred + chatgpt, i really want to stay at your house <3


Songs I Liked at a Bar Enough to Shazam
shazam bar 1.png
shazam bar 2.png
shazam bar 3.png
shazam bar 4.png

this is a real picture (to me it looks photoshopped)
coca cola cap.png

muichiro is serious.png
style points in a deathmatch.png

Gon's Question for Chrollo: 202301071340
humans are so interesting.png

great use of manga paneling by Togashi here
hisokas hair.png


Want to call ChatGPT from Alfred? Here you go! (just make sure to install aiohttpon your Alfred pip path). Uses async to make the external call and wait for result. Pipe it to Large Type to see results.

import asyncio
import aiohttp
import json
import sys
import os

api_key = os.getenv('OPENAI_API_KEY')

async def run(argv):
    query = argv[0]

    async def fetch_completion():
            async with aiohttp.ClientSession() as session:
                headers = {
                    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
                    'Authorization': f"Bearer {api_key}"
                payload = {
                    'model': 'gpt-3.5-turbo',
                    'messages': [{'role': 'user', 'content': query}]
                async with'', headers=headers, json=payload) as response:

                    data = await response.json()
                    return data["choices"][0]["message"]["content"]
        except Exception as error:
            sys.stderr.write('Error:', str(error))

    response_content = await fetch_completion()
    return response_content[sys.argv[1]]))



You act like a mortal in all that you fear, and an immortal in all that you desire. (View Highlight)
On top of that, there’s one thing you can do to extend your life. By studying the philosophies of those who came before you, you absorb their experiences. Every philosophy book you read, you’re adding the author’s lifespan to yours. There’s no better way to spend your time than studying philosophy (View Highlight)

How can we increase the odds of finding luck? By being a person who works in public. By doing work and being public about it, you build a reputation for yourself. You build a track record. You build a public body of work that speaks on your behalf better than any resume ever could. (View Highlight)

Product/service creation (“I write code.”)
Operations/delivery (“I’ll deliver the code to you by January twenty-fifth and check in with you every two weeks in the interim.”)
Accounting (“When I’ve delivered the code, I want you to pay me, and I’ll keep track of whether you have or not.”)
Sales (“I charge $100 per hour, but I’ll offer a weekly rate of $3,500 and a monthly rate of $12,000.”)
Marketing (“Check out my blog and website for tips on writing good code.”) (Location 3475)
As developers, we not only eschew things like marketing, bookkeeping, operations (and even quasi-software activities like QA and UX)—we exhibit the attitude that they are beneath us. We look at the corporate world and demand that it accommodate us with roles where we need not be burdened by thinking of the business. The corporate world is all too happy to indulge our demand, pay us a third of what we’re worth, and let us exist in a bubble of illusory superiority. (Location 3526)

Raw Thoughts

explaining how a program runs is like explaining how a song sounds — the medium cant fully transpose -- this is why documentation is a challenge unto itself. it broadly sits on the level of abstract functions -- not what the code does line by line

how much of the message is embedded in the medium? now that coding is easier will more stories be transmitted through code? will there be more programs out in the wild?

it is much easier to publish books today than ever before in human history thanks to a combination of increased literacy, sharing technologies like the internet and printing press, etc. ChatGPT, Copilot, Stenography, et al. have made the first leap into proving out a world where new programs are as easy to write as the ideas themselves. ideas are a dime a dozen, but so too may be programs.


AI arborist is a interesting name for this type of work. But perhaps I'm biased due to liking digital garden analogy from the Zettelkasten community…

another banger from Ordinary Things…though I do fear the pessimistic moral trend arising around new LLM tech is going to prevent "intelligencia" liberal types from trying it themselves, rather than parroting an opinion they heard from someone they follow on Twitter or heard in a podcast once

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