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May 20 2023

The deadliest boss in Elden Ring, Git Submodules, Black Mirror WoW HC, Zoom Calls in 2033 will still suck, Patreon vs VC rant, a park that looks like a fish


stream from 05-19, here I tackle the addition of new submodules programmatically to my monorepo, and a drafting of the architecture of what projects make (or dont make) the cut

We've now entered reactions to reactions to reactions Black Mirror-esque Twitch content

People have to stop alt tabbing while they're playing hardcore lmao
Really excited to have my boss at home, I really want to see more of him


Advice: Dont treat patreon 5-10 dollars a month as being == to faceless organization 10 dollars a month (e.g. a WoW subscription or a Netflix subscription) -- when you subscribe to an individual you are literally helping small business. TBH it's kind of tragic that VC so heavily subsidizes Netflix subscriptions et al. to the $10 a month mark that forces consumers to compare the value of the entire catalogue on Netflix vs the work of one individual trying to make something. It follows that this is another great reason to buy your own domain and run your own website -- you get to accrete value to yourself instead of participating in the shared watering hole of someone else's company. Its just good business!!


This park kinda looks like a fish. Even the Google Maps pin looks like an eye!
austin fish park.png

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