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Issue 11: Hello From 30,000 Feet…Or Zero?

Math doesn't care much for popularity contests, anyhow.

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Welcome to the Sunday newsletter 🌛🎷 ~~ special late night edition ~~ 🎷🌛

I was planning on sending this earlier today during my flight but unfortunately the plane WiFi was down (and tbh when I got home the first thing I wanted to do was watch the series finale of Succession). The first world tragedy of this event reminded of this Louis CK interview where he lamented on how people can't/refuse to appreciate the marvels of human accomplishment through technology. We are all guilty of the "oh that's cool…nvm I'm bored" experience of new futuristic technology in our present-stuck hands. Once something sci-fi becomes real, there seems to be a social immune response to view it as "meh, honestly it's not that impressive, anyway".

However, let's take a conscious second together to be grateful of the magic the human brain is able to create. The brain commanded the hands to make the first tools. The tools built better tools. Those tools created an infinite loop that continues to the present day to create more tools which allowed me to take this very amateur picture from 15,000 feet in the air.

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