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August 25 2023

and perhaps a discord was born?

Mulling over a comfy spot for my small projects, I had a twinkling—Discord could be it. Each bot could handle its own chore, instead of firing up a whole stack.

The good parts are clear as day:

  • It works with mobile and desktop.
  • Any user could get chummy with their own curated list of bots.
  • No need to craft baffling UIs for mainly, well, text-based tasks—like function calls or database lookups.
  • I've long since resolved that the output of p5 makes more sense as pictures or movies than code for end users—unless someone wants to sow their own seed data for an image, I can manage that with bots as well.
  • A community? I could grow one.
  • Channel-specific invites, they're a thing.
  • A stable (ish) API.
  • An app store to lure an audience—no need to don the hat of a content creator.
  • Wonky CSS, not my problem.
  • Templates for multiple bots, no sweat.

But, clouds have their silver lining:

  • Running a discord server, well, that's on me.
  • I might lock myself in a discord bot world, straying from the freedom of the open web.

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