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Character Sheet

meet the crew!

These characters (collectively called The Dialogues) (in addition to being fun & cute) give the blog the ability to provide Socratic dialogue, multiple voices and commentary on one core topic. The idea of having blog characters was inspired by Xe Iaso!



Our protagonist, Leda is in search of as much knowledge as she can acquire. She's always on the hunt to learn something new, or to connect two learned ideas in a creative way. She is a pupil of Sockrates.


Curiosity: 5/5

Patience: 2.2/5


Favorite Food: Chipotle Burritos



Ravenlol was born into wealth but has tried to find his own way in the world. He aspires one day to become the first bird to become a hand model (I guess a wing model in his case). He never seems to tell the truth fully, and always hides messages in his sayings.


Karaoke: 1/5 (but he does it anyway)

Fashion: 5/5

Forgetfulness: 1/5

Favorite Poet: Edgar Allen Poe



He's Socrates, but he's a sock. That's about it...

Sockrates also works in a local community garden on Tuesdays and Saturdays. He has high hopes for Leda's growth as an intellectual, but he can't tell her that directly or she'll get too big for her head.


Love of Knowledge: 5/5

C++: 3/5

Comfort: 5/5

Dislikes: Hems on pants and locks on doors