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Dealing with Rejection

how Gon rejected himself, finding the area of a square, i really wanna stay at your house


Versions of Leda, as created by Midjourney 6


A conversation with Andrew about prompt engineering and creating creative apps

gon freecss lives in a world where power is an active conversation between combatants, but due to his mindset he is often only fighting himself

from the thumbnail i didn't think i was the target audience for this video but she has some really great takes on the importance of self awareness

math, bitch!

for all you null hypothesis fans out there -- chatgpt is changing the world



Watch BLUE EYE SAMURAI | Netflix Official Site
Driven by a dream of revenge against those who made her an outcast in Edo-period Japan, a young warrior cuts a bloody path toward her destiny.

PKM Stocks [Time Investment]

Up 📈: Trello, Time Block Planner, Freeform

Down 📉: Obsidian