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Learning to Podcast: Week of March 2nd

foibles and lessons

here are some lessons i learned in my first week of setting up a podcast.

Notes, Formats, Struggling with Script Pacing

i started w super high level, wasn't dense enough and i flubbed a lot of words. i tried word for word, delivery was too boring/forced. i moved to bullets but detailed, but went too detailed, and they were hard to read. finally settled on bullets that aren't dense, but flow into each other so i'm never "winging it". hard balance to strike, still very wip



recorded first test in riverside. meh, i think id rather use obs.

Scene Transitions

this solo podcast has three sections: lessons, commentary, and philosophy. im learning to use obs to switch between them



i did a lot of research and was just planning on using airpods for now, but i buckled and picked up a shure mv7.

but here's me testing my mic on my iphone


Ghost Podcast

i want to replicate transistor private sub fn in ghost, and attach it to the current member ids. this comes after i record a few episodes and reach a level of quality that im comfortable splitting in half

A conversational AI system that listens, learns, and challenges

ghost rss private podcast is ideally the way i want to go. following a sam harris making sense model where first half of ep is free, and second half is for paid subs

Playing with Format