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When the Fantasy of the Weak Peaked

My Thoughts on Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong

  • its complicated...
  • pros include:
    • epically drawn – very visually captivating large scale battles
    • its cool to see a bad boy win – his powers aren't the traditional manga protag and he works it
    • jinwoo succeeds in becoming the sex god the author sets him out to be
  • cons include:
    • at a certain point in the series (like pretty early on actually) the challenges just...stop? idk he basically over levels the whole series and becomes this guy The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, Vol. 7 (light  novel) (The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (light novel), 7):  9781975322045: Tuchihi, Light, Toyota, Saori: Books
    • nobody else matters at all, which is funny when one punch man does it, but the telling is too dramatic to be engaging
    • the jinwoo dick riding becomes a bit much, from everyone in the story, directly or indirectly
    • people are OBSESSED with ranking in this story, if a E-rank so much as lifts a piece of paper everyone is like "hOW dID hE dO tHaT?!~dWcn!@##>??"


  • the fight with thomas andre was sick af and worth reading the series just for that hype train
  • the last boss was the risk equivalent of a nuclear bomb, but i felt no threat when he was on screen because jin woo is so disgustingly OP
  • i literally don't know why cha hae-in got with jinwoo other than that he didn't smell like donkey shit? like ????
  • the shadow army is legitimately awesome, and their personas are unique and fun every time they're on screen (esp. tusk, beeru, and igris)
  • i liked the not at all subtle references to the chimera ant arc during the jeju raid, royal guard and ant king included (even the story's main arm was called the hunter association, so...)
  • why even bother with the national level hunters? by the time they were introduced to the series literally everyone sans jinwoo was completely irrelevant