Investing in lighting did great things for my mental and physical health

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Controlling lighting is an extremely powerful force on your daily life satisfaction.

Used correctly it can be calming, or energy building.

Used incorrectly, it is an oppressive pressure on the eyes and the mind.

Yellow Lights

In my bedroom, I use soft yellow Edison bulbs. They're warm enough to not cause stress, but powerful enough to light up an entire room.

White light is best for offices during the day (looking at you, pandemic years) or overcast days when energy is hard to summon.

I keep both around the house depending on the weather forecast and my emotional state.

Also, Invest in Darkness

Equally important is to invest in a good set of blackout curtains or blinds (check out Rolladens if you want to go hard). Getting a full night of sleep is critical, and light seeping through curtains is an easy recipe for poor sleep.

Light Mode And Dark Mode on Websites

I generally clowned on developers putting so much into building dark modes instead of critical features that prevent their apps from working, until I was working on this site on a red eye flight. The whites were blinding and the websites/apps that had dark mode were comforting.

I added dark mode literally that flight using this tutorial.

Consider me a convert!

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