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September 6 2023

some tips on seasonal planning

Some tips from my personal experience with this:

  • Seasonal planning is best done a few weeks (two or three) into a season so you can get your footing and see what projects are alive and real and which were fiction
  • Try to define meta habits that affect downstream. For me, thats five books a month creates bramdroid & weekly newsletter & all of the traditional benefits from reading. Its like four for the price of one habit!
  • Use paper and digital

Cross post from Discord on state of bramdroid

hey @everyone , i just wanted to use this space to say what im working on atm. yesterday i added repost which tries to find the right channel for a /random message and moves it automagically. i also changed share so now it puts the quote and aart image side by side, its much sexier. i'm replacing the aart button with an erasure poem button (see example here, its pretty tight!: but the /aart command still works. before the official "go live" i need to:

  • [ ] host the db of user invocations
  • [ ] create a prod/dev bot token architecture
  • [ ] add better error handling to the bot so it crashes (less)
  • [ ] get the form working for roles and get people signed up (
  • [ ] create a welcome message on how to use the bot
  • [ ] set up DMs for paid users
  • [ ] film a video or write a blog post explaining bramdroid (i need your help with this!)
  • [ ] add logic to pre-workflow that prevents message abuse

down the road a bit:

  • [ ] create a queue to absorb heavy compute load and block any rate limit issues
  • [ ] generate daily discussion topics and quizzes
  • [ ] opposite button - returns whatever the opposite match is (cosine similarity) from the quoordinates db
  • [ ] /thesis command - Create a fleshed out argument in PDF form that cites multiple books
  • [ ] events - live event podcast calls where bramdroid runs in background and surfaces interesting quotes while conversations go on
  • [ ] /book-recommendation - a smart book recommender
  • [ ] pre embed repost logic - instead of doing each repost each time, should be run once offline and stored in some db

phew! hoping to have this "live" soon, may just get it suitable and then make a more public announcement and see what breaks (something will XD)

if you see this and would like to help at all, here's the type of feedback im looking for

  • [ ] why do you use discord
  • [ ] do you use midjourney
  • [ ] do you read books
  • [ ] where do you get your book recommendations?
  • [ ] after trying the bot, would you come back? why or why not?
  • [ ] what's fun? what's not fun?
  • [ ] what's overwhelming or offputting?
  • [ ] what would you expect from this community? what do you want to see