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Eren and Mikasa Giving the Same Energy in AoT Endings

Corporate wants us to spot the differences. They're the same picture.

ED 1: Mikasa Surrounded by Knives
mikasa knives.png

Akuma No Ko: Eren Surrounded by Flowers

They're both wearing the scarf too! Before/after their first encounter, perhaps?[1]
eren flowers.png

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AoT Top 10 Survey Corp Thoughts

What are the top 10 thoughts of the Survey Corps from Attack on Titan?

Top Ten Trainees from the 104th Training Corps
1. Mikasa Ackerman
2. Reiner Braun
3. Bertolt Hoover
4. Annie Leonhart
5. Eren Yeager
6. Jean Kirstein
7. Marco Bott
8. Connie Springer
9. Sasha Blouse
10. Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss (View Highlight)

Lowkey Eren in the training days was no slouch once he got his gear working. Surprised to see Historia so high on this list, I only remember her getting one confirmed kill?

Also wild that all the Titan Shifters are top 5, and Mikasa out scales all of them.

Not really a surprise though.
Mikasa evil stare.png

• Eren Yeager (Grade A +): “While skills in man-to-man combat and vertical maneuvering are impressive, he’s got a personality problem. He has a textbook impulsive personality. When he gets mad, he can’t see anything around him. Until he gets his emotions under control, he’ll never succeed as a soldier!” (p.33). (View Highlight)

• Mikasa Ackerman (Grade A +): “Mikasa is skilled at understanding what she needs to do in order to accomplish her goals. Her judgement belies her age, surely the result of the many hellish experiences she had as a child. She is an exceptional talent who is unmistakably bound to lead the Corps in the future.” (p.38). (View Highlight)

Armin Arlert (Grade A +): “Not noteworthy in combat and endurance. However, we soldiers are not only about physical strength. The superior intelligence Armin showed in the classroom will surely lead to future victories for humanity as he develops new arms in the Technical Team or serves as a tactical officer.”[1] (p.42). (View Highlight)

• Reiner Braun (Grade A+): “Reiner’s friends put a lot of trust in him,[2] and I can see he has the qualities to unite a team! He’s reliable and brave beyond his years, probably because of his hellish experience in his hometown. I would like to see him grow into a strong future leader of the Survey Corps!” (p.57). (View Highlight)
eren sees reiner and bertolt transform.png

Bertolt Hoover (Grade A-): “This boy’s problem is his heart! He doesn’t take action on his own, and letting others dictate what you do is a fatal flaw for a soldier! Unless he fixes this habit, he’ll be the first to perish when an operation goes sideways and he has to think on his feet to respond to the unexpected.” (p.59). (View Highlight)!.png

  1. or perhaps leader of the entire army?

  2. probably why eren was so dissapointed