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Jun 03 2023

latitude and longitude logic, the hardest part of programming is naming, spoiler for a chatgpt plugin im working on, lazy plot devices


Built by AI! (tbh I didn't even bother to check if the feet and meter formulas were correct lol)

def convert_lat_lon_into_cardinal_direction(lat, lon, wiki_page_lat, wiki_page_lon):
    if lat > wiki_page_lat:
        lat_direction = "north"
    elif lat < wiki_page_lat:
        lat_direction = "south"
        lat_direction = ""
    if lon > wiki_page_lon:
        lon_direction = "east"
    elif lon < wiki_page_lon:
        lon_direction = "west"
        lon_direction = ""

    feet = round(364000 * ((lat - wiki_page_lat)**2 + (lon - wiki_page_lon)**2)**0.5)
    meters = round(feet * 0.3048)
    return {
        "lat_direction": lat_direction,
        "lon_direction": lon_direction,
        "feet": feet,
        "meters": meters

The struggle of naming a method that calls other methods. main? logic? process?

async def process(lat, lon):
    geo_loc = await geosearch(lat, lon)
    random_geo_loc = choose_random_geo_loc(geo_loc)
    title = random_geo_loc['title']
    summary = get_page_summary(title)

    cardinals = convert_lat_lon_into_cardinal_direction(lat, lon, random_geo_loc['lat'], random_geo_loc['lon'])
    return {
        "title": title,
        "summary": summary,
        "cardinals": cardinals,
        "geo_loc": random_geo_loc



Roald Dahl’s poem “Television” says it all: “So please, oh please, we beg, we pray / go throw your TV set away / and in its place, you can install / a lovely bookshelf on the wall.” (View Highlight)
April 25 2023
Books vs Coachella. Spaces vs Tabs. The battle rages on around the fallen soldiers.


In 2015, archaeologists reported that they'd found 3,000-year-old honey while excavating tombs in Egypt, and it was perfectly edible.


"I can explain" then some external interruption is such a lazy plot device, it's like why do you need to prevent characters from learning information due to hand of god events, its so lame (from watching XO Kitty)

alexa tts kindle is actually pretty great. reading while listening is a pretty powerful reading experience


A cool thing I made is coming.
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May 26 2023

my favorite album of 2023 dropped, conflict, drawn out battles, malicous aura


my album of the year already dropped <3 SLEEP TOKEN

favorite songs:

  1. ascenionism
  2. chokehold
  3. dywtlm

Raw Thoughts

Light (Death Note) died on my birthday!

Date of death
January 28, 2010 (2013 in anime)


I realized that when you only focus on the light and positive thinking … then it's like you're staring up at the sun without looking down to notice that you were standing in a pile of feces. Something smells bad, but as long as you stare at the light then all the bad will go away. And instead of cleaning up the poo you spray perfume (affirmations) all over it. (Location 112)
The Kore desired to experience a great story, and in a great story, whether comedy or tragedy, there are always struggle and obstacles and opposition. There are separation and reunion. (Location 185)
Godself Kink Let's return to a point mentioned in the Introduction: if the ancient wisdom of Vedas are correct and the whole universe is just God playing elaborate rounds of hide'n'seek with Godself, then God is a super-freak. We need only look around our planet to see that God's idea of a fun time includes some seriously edgy, ultra-taboo, hard-core stuff—including war and poverty and pain and ravaging and abuse and atrocities of all variety. (Location 448)

To Search for God is to insult God: 202212260027

most of us have grown up in a society that exalts wealth, and we have disowned and denied the other side of the polarity: a love of scarcity. In doing so we make our love of scarcity unconscious, and thus scarcity synchronously shows up in our lives, until we agree to consciously, deliberately, “insanely,” shamelessly love it. The Great Work involves making the unconscious, conscious and thus changing the locus of our agency and taking charge of our own fate. (Location 547)


Crazy drawn out battle between Xaryu vs the members of the Stormpike

Zohakuten Gets His Malicious Aura

In the Upper Moon meeting, Hantengu was the only demon who didn't get a malicious aura drawing around his body. (ep 1)

Cleverly, they gave it to Zohakuten! (ep 7)
example of malicious aura.png
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