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September 2 2023

A lot of calories!

Patina and Intimacy
“Each one of us has, somewhere in his heart, the dream to make a living world, a universe.” —Christopher Alexander One must encourage some level of enchantment to invite the supernatural. When nymphs dance, we picture them in idyllic settings, like forests and groves, or carousing in an orchard just…

I watch these videos, read essays like "Patina and Intimacy," and feel this curious churn inside. Somewhere in the blurry boundaries of envy, thrill, and longing. I'm envious because a lot of pictures and items in these videos and essays look bewitching, mainly because they carry the weight of time — they're worn and loved for years. Software, though, it doesn't echo the same sentiment. It gobbles up the old as it races forward, much like trap music swallowed the raw edge of old school hip hop.

Working for beauty in software is what gets me up in the morning, but I confess, my CSS skills are a bit tragic. Likewise, tools like Unity, they're not my cup of tea. So, in my own way, I am, trying to carve beauty in code, to weave unique patterns in programming, to make something beautiful out of 0 and 1.

lee meyer

May 18 2023

8-bit bram, queen charolette, nyu itp, agentic process humans vs bots, voice memos to whisper


8-bit bram
and thats on compressong ong.png
bti cover.png

Bridgerton - Queen Charolette

I am Venus
i am venus 1.png
i am venus 2.png
i am venus 2.5.png
i am venus 3.png
i am venus 4.png


This is great, I recommend!

Transcribing your iOS Voice Memos to Markdown with Whisper - Artur Piszek
I wrote a script to transcribe my apple voice memos to Logseq with OpenAI Whisper.

Went to NYU ITP Spring 2023, here were my favorite booths:


My internet is way better now -- thanks FioS! -- so I celebrated with a stream working on my monorepo and I had fun.

Perhaps the craziest workout I've ever seen

Zenitsu be doing it

When you realize that this guy and Caster got the happiest ends out of every main character in this series…


Raw Thoughts

Animals unconsciously agent in their environment and change it (overeating resources -- finches for example)

Humans consciously agent their environment and change it (global warming for example)

Programs agent their environment in a feedback loop that is not conscious in the sense of serving the need to eat for survival but not unconscious due to fact that they know what’s going on with access to state of impossibly massive systems (which is why humans get caught off guard by bugs)

If coding with an LLM was painting, gpt serves as the broad strokes applied to the sketch of an artist -- it’s hallucinations serve as the rough edges of the paint stroke on the canvas. The artist meticulously changes a line or two and instead of deciding to paint a mountain in the background he decides to paint a tree and asks the LLM to draw the broad strokes of a tree and to reintegrate the surrounding landscape to make the tree seem like it was always there. But he doesn’t remember the size of a tree so he uses LLM as a reminder of how tall they are what color the bark is how many leaves a tree has, etc. is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.