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Issue 16: The Hammer's Hammer

For what is a hammer when everything really is a misshapen nail?

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Ye Olde Newsstand - Weekly Updates

Last week we discussed an enhanced definition for "problem" that reframes solutions and problems as states in a graph we can move between. With that as a basis, we can talk about the concept of universal tools.

Universal tools have the capacity to solve any type of problem by leveraging computation and creation. Universal tools tend to follow a few rules, which I discuss here:

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Phoenix, Arizona (and More!)

Intuitively, I'd think that all the top 5 most populous cities would be the ones that come up most in conversation. The actual top 5:

  1. NYC
  2. LA
  3. Chicago
  4. Houston
  5. Phoenix

Cities I hear people mention a lot:

  1. NYC (1 in population)
  2. LA (2 in population)
  3. SF (17 in population)
  4. Miami (44 in population)
  5. Boston (24 in population)
  6. Seattle (18 in population)


Fastest Growing (big cities[1]):

  1. Fort Worth, TX
  2. San Antonio, TX
  3. Phoenix
  4. Oklahoma City
  5. Las Vegas

Fastest Shrinking (big cities):

  1. SF + Bay Area
  2. NYC
  3. Boulder, CO
  4. Boston
  5. San Jose

Interesting that people are leaving the North to move South. I think that may be due to the fact that baby boomers are retiring and want more amenable tax brackets + sunny weather. Also, when a certain percent of friends or family move to an area, it becomes more costly to not follow them.

smaller pop = greater delta so I'm skipping those ↩︎

TIL A Loch is a Lake


a lake.

I had always assumed it was something unique.

Rivers and lochs