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September 1 2023

Do you remember?

Reading is a critical skill to have. Lifelong education is power, flexibility, wealth and knowability. However.

Once you reach a certain amount of books read a few things happen:

  1. You forget concepts
  2. Ideas overlap
  3. You wonder how to leverage the knowledge in your life
  4. You want to reference quotes and parables

Why join the Discord?

  1. The most intense book recommendation system you’ve ever seen (I promise!)
  2. Win more arguments vs your friends citing real data
  3. Understand books and quotes from a new angle
  4. Visualize quotes as art to make inspiration pieces
  5. (Future) other helpful gpt commands that accept input fro things like Hacker News, Spotify, etc
  6. (Future) learn how to make your own data store and place it in a UX that makes sense for you. Specifically, learn about creative UX with embedded data
  7. A community of readers and an ai book club

you can do summaries on the openai discourse now!


About 33 minutes and 50 seconds in, there's a segment on reading worth your ear. It's good!

Self expression is the cornerstone of the Nen system.

August 31 2023

Not hideous, pretty enough, but bland as lukewarm coffee.

I've been having these dreams, you know - nightly invitations to a place I used to call home. Don't ask me why. Wasn't much of a paradise, this place. Not hideous, pretty enough, but bland as lukewarm coffee. Yet, when sleep takes over, that's where I go. Like some nocturnal bus route programmed in my brain. It just happens. Weirdest thing.

ive been having these weird thoughts lately

better logic for duel · bramses/bramdroid@4d52d69
Contribute to bramses/bramdroid development by creating an account on GitHub.

405 entered the test. 1 was injured. So the 404 was correct. The hunter test is one of survival and cunning etc. the one Hisoka "Disarmed" could not continue with both arms gone.
Essentially he failed the test when he bumped into Hisoka and not apologizing. Perhaps if he had sensed his surroundings a little better, like a real hunter, the 404 would have been a 405.
Is it ever stated who the disappearing applicant was?
In episode 3 of Hunter x Hunter, Beans welcomes Gon as the 405th applicant to the exam. Later, Satotz states that there will be 404 participants in Phase One. We know that Hisoka... uh... disarmed…

this guy is a goat

Traviss Willcox - Marathon Runner, Ultra Runner, idiot.

August 26 2023

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has this knack, it's sticky.

T-KT goes great here

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has this knack, it's sticky. Twice, you place seventh. Tough luck, you think. Two rounds straight, both no cigar. Your mind tickles towards, what's the point? A whisper of giving it up. Then, bam, you land first or second. Pride swells. A soft glow envelops you. You're hooked. You want more. You can't stop.

These fuckers at Blizzard really nailed the Gambler's Fallacy lmao.

But unlike the casino where the house always wins, no one wins (outside of useless MMR)

another Rajiv W

bramdroid/invocation.js at main · bramses/bramdroid
Contribute to bramses/bramdroid development by creating an account on GitHub.
added user quota logic for smart commands – all stored in a local json file!

never forget sora chopping actual buildings in half like tofu

the bot auto links books now

August 23 2023

Out-of-towners often mistake Manhattan as the whole of NYC, I feel.

Out-of-towners often mistake Manhattan as the whole of NYC, I feel. Take the time to explore spots like Bay Ridge, or Cortelyou Road.

You'll find calm there, perhaps even a surprising dose of the suburban. The real perk of living in an area like Bay Ridge vs a suburb outside of Corpus Christi? A train line linking you straight to the heart of Union Square or Grand Central in under an hour.

that bass line UGHHH, this whole video is SO GOOD Some of my favorite frames (literally every still frame could be a desktop wallpaper):

When you see those tier 7 minions in your game, do me a favor, grab Tess. Just trust me on this.

your day is just starting!

Kingdom Hearts Menu Style Portfolio
~~ dearly beloved ~~


I am the one who decides.

The gallery feature on Ubud is acting up. Beats me why.

Trying out Spear in Discord. Maybe it's something that could tickle the fancy of vault members, make them feel special. Definitely can picture it being a neat bonus!

Another day done, neatly cut into boxes of time. This time block journal, it's kind of become a friend. Excited to think where I might be in a few months - maybe a master at wrestling time.

GPT helps me to write, and I like that. It’s like the words I jot down aren't my own, they’re not precious. So, when it comes to chopping them up and pruning them, I don't flinch. And, there's something cool about typing in shorthand, or even in low key, lowercase letters. GPT just takes it, and churns out sentences that sound as real as rain splattering on a windowpane.

August 21 2023

Instabrams are back baby! Thanks to Alfred, Obsidian, Ghost, and GPT that is!

I found out today that, oddly enough, my dislike for food—and smells, as an offshoot—liberates my ears. I can fill them with all kinds of sounds, just like I fill my mind with all sorts of books. And who knows, this might make my understanding richer, deeper. After all, tastes and sounds, they both bring in similar complexities, don't they? What's the science behind this, I wonder?

Planning with time blocks using the Time Block Planner is something else, I tell you. Just staring at how my hours roll out in reality, versus where I believe in my mind that they're going.

It really makes me treasure those fresh hours each morning when I draft the plan. But, damn it, they do race by like comets while I'm knee-deep in living them. Sure makes one thing clear though - there's still quite a road ahead of me to align my time better with the stuff that sits front-row in my priorities.

Today, I cranked out a couple scripts that just might fan the flame back into my inconsistent habit of creating Instabrams. Knocked up one heck of a pipeline for DALL-E, taking chunky texts, wringing them dry into neat, crisp summaries, and morphing them into fetching cover art.

Then there's the second script. What does it do? Well, simple: it chews up shorthand blurb, like the one you're picking through now, and spits it back out in the flavor of a certain author close to my heart, our man Murakami himself. Now, you can sneak a peek at both these scripts down below and take in the art piece a notch above.

Both scripts neatly tuck away the outputs onto my clipboard. Handy for the lazybones that like me, can use ‘em just about anywhere across the machine. Embrace sloth!

i wrote two scripts today that should hopefully harken the return of instabrams. i created a dall-e pipeline that takes text, summarizes it and turns into a cover art.
in addition i wrote a script that rewrites shorthand like you are reading now into the style of one of my favorite authors, haurki muarkami. you can see both of the scripts below, and the art for this peice in the image above.
importantly, both copy results to clipboard for usage anywhere across my machine. let's go laziness!

Really would be nowhere without these amazing tools that devs have built (Ghost, Obsidian, GPT). I merely build the ligaments that connect the very solid bones.

GitHub rang the bell for the 700th star on chat gpt md today. It's been awhile since any updates were added, and I can't help but feel a twinge of regret. But the open source world - well, it can be a free ride for some folks, especially amongst the Obsidian folks. It's like being a chef with everyone sampling your soup, but no one foots the bill.

there was an enormous disconnect between how we think open source works and what is actually happening on the ground today. There is a long, and growing, tail of projects that don’t fit the typical model of collaboration. Such projects include Bootstrap, a popular design framework used by an estimated 20% of all websites, where three developers have authored over 73% of commits. Another example is Godot, a software framework for making games, where two developers respond to more than 120 issues opened on their project per week.† -- Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software

Create a Ghost Cover Image with DallE

import dotenv from "dotenv";

import OpenAI from "openai";
import clipboard from "clipboardy";
import fs from "fs";
import fetch from "node-fetch";

const openai = new OpenAI({ apiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY });

async function summarizeClipboard() {
  const text = clipboard.readSync();
  // console.log(`Summarizing: ${text}`);
  const completion = await{
    messages: [
        role: "system",
          "Summarize the following into a theme and create an art prompt from the feel of the text aesthetically along the lines of: 'an abstract of [some unique lesser known art style from history] version of {x}' where x is the feel of the text aesthetically. Just return the art prompt, say nothing else." +
    model: "gpt-4",

  // console.log(`Summary: ${completion.choices[0].message.content}`);

  return completion.choices[0].message.content;

async function saveImgFromUrl(url) {
  const response = await fetch(url);
  const buffer = await response.buffer();
  const filename = `./dalle-images/${}.jpg`;
  fs.writeFile(filename, buffer, () => console.log("finished downloading!"));

  return filename;

async function appendToLog(logItem) {
  const log = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("./log.json"));
  fs.writeFileSync("./log.json", JSON.stringify(log, null, 2));

async function main() {
  let prompt = await summarizeClipboard();
  prompt = prompt.replace("Art Prompt: ", "").trim();
  const image = await openai.images.generate({ prompt: prompt });
  const imageUrl =[0].url;

  const imgFilename = await saveImgFromUrl(imageUrl);

  const log = {
    query: clipboard.readSync(),
    prompt: prompt,
    imageUrl: imageUrl,
    imgFilename: imgFilename,

  await appendToLog(log);

  // save prompt to clipboard
  console.log("./dalle-images/" + imgFilename.replace("./dalle-images/", ""));

Rewrite Chicken Scratch as Murakami

import dotenv from "dotenv";

import OpenAI from "openai";
import clipboard from "clipboardy";
import fs from "fs";

const openai = new OpenAI({ apiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY });

async function rewriteClipboard() {
  const text = clipboard.readSync();
  // console.log(`Rewriting: ${text}`);
  const completion = await{
    messages: [
        role: "system",
          "Rewrite the following in the style of Haruki Murakami, using short, punchy, easy to read, simple words that flow. Almost as if spoken cadence. Text:\n" +
    model: "gpt-4",

  // console.log(`Rewrite: ${completion.choices[0].message.content}`);

  return completion.choices[0].message.content;

async function appendToLog(logItem) {
  const log = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("./log.json"));
  fs.writeFileSync("./log.json", JSON.stringify(log, null, 2));

async function main() {
  let prompt = await rewriteClipboard();
  prompt = prompt.replace("Rewrite: ", "").trim();

  const log = {
    query: clipboard.readSync(),
    prompt: prompt,

  await appendToLog(log);

  // save prompt to clipboard
  console.log("Prompt saved to clipboard");

Images From the Script

These have wriggled under my skin, becoming my favorites of the day. You can make buckets of them without breaking much of a sweat. Keep your eyes on the blog – there's more visual feast on the way!
DALL·E 2023-08-21 15.55.18 - Art Prompt_ Create a Tonalist and Symbolist fusion manifesto of an enchanting wilderness filled with mystic animals and towering trees embodying the p.png
DALL·E 2023-08-21 15.21.35 - Create an abstract version of the Cubism style that portrays the challenges of financial burdens and health care costs.png·E-2023-08-21-15.13.12---Create-an-abstract-watercolor-version-of-the-constant-struggle-between-the-expansion-and-collapse-of-the-mind.-Use-vibrant-colors-and-fluid-brushstrok.png
DALL·E 2023-08-21 15.13.12 - Create an abstract watercolor version of the constant struggle between the expansion and collapse of the mind. Use vibrant colors and fluid brushstrok.png

Half a decade past, this is where I lived.

I snapped this photo, and soon after found myself in a nearby bar, nursing a drink and ruminating on the past five years. I had some predictions right - walking away from full-time software engineering to chase dreams of startups and artistry. But there were surprises too - who could've predicted a pandemic, or AI taking great leaps ahead?

I pondered over the goals I set for myself in 2018 - many still unmet, many still echoing around my head. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Not sure. But one thing I've learnt is this: success is a recipe. It calls for dogged effort, an accreting outlet for said effort (think: investment returns), a dash of lady luck, and being at the right place just when it's the right time. Voila, dreams come true and they'll call it fate.

Like Ging said to Gon, "I can't get there quite yet, but I'm relishing the ride."

"Five years ahead?" I reckon I'll be there, right at the threshold of that old, worn out door of mine.

Oddly enough, it seems as if my eyes on the photo on the right been brushed with a dash of guyliner. Can't make heads or tails of that, honestly. is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

Some Hard Af Phone Backgrounds Ive Been Using

gotta love duotone!

ft hxh, blue lock, naruto, demon slayer, kh

note: you can customize your ios homepage to use multiple photos in a slideshow! mine change on lock
hard af bg 2.png
hard af bg 3.png
hard af bg 4.png
hard af bg 5.png

this one goes hardest (202301051926)
hard af bg 6.png
hard af bg 7.png is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

Killua's Gambling Addiction

Does Killua have a gambling addiction?

I find it funny that it was just a sidenote in the series that Killua may or may not have a gambling addiction. Probably more healthy than Gon's quirk to ask anyone anything at anytime, tho.[1] is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

Gon Carries Killua, For Once

Also, one of the few (only?) times in the series Gon carries Killua
gon carries killua.png
killua carries gon 1.png
killua carries gon 2.png
killua carries gon 3.png

Criticism, Conjecture and Nen Vows

Conjecture = Guesswork/Hypothesis/Reality Free
Criticism = Judgement/Tied To Reality

Let's imagine conjecture and criticism as being two sides of a hypothetical spectrum.

The closer one is to the criticism side, the more they are likely to act realistically, conservative, rigid.

The closer one is to the conjecture side, they are more likely to apply open-mindedness and imaginative creativity.

The very act of thinking is a form of conjecture. Every thought is an idea, a potential action presented by the mind as a path to pursue. Thoughts flood in from the "monkey mind", and the critical mind is forced to come up with justification as to why that thought is indeed the case -- or to reject it. ^945c1a, 202301082259

Conjecture can only happen in the mind of an individual.

Editing is a form of criticism. Editing can be described as alignment to shared reality, the aim of reducing the creative space of a thought -- to bring it in line with reality.

Editing can happen in the mind of an individual, but it is actually driven by society. 202301082233 Customs that feel natural to you feel foreign to another. Editing also happens against the laws of the universe: physics, biology, chemistry, etc. If something breaks the laws of the universe, it ceases to exist.

Criticism can happen within an individual, but criticism is the result of a composite network of rules and engagements from individual objects colliding & seeing each other as subjects.

Sparta or Athens?

HERMES: Not at all, Athenian. As I said, I honour you. Now, let us consider what would happen if, instead of legalizing thievery, their error had been to ban debate. And to ban philosophy and politics and elections and that whole constellation of activities, and to consider them shameful.
SOCRATES: I see. That would have the effect of banning persuasion. And hence it would block off that path to salvation that we have discussed. This is a rare and deadly sort of error: it prevents itself from being undone.
HERMES: Or at least it makes salvation immensely more difficult, yes. This is what Sparta looks like, to me. (Location 4077)

If a system banishes debate, the rigid and currently fallible ideas never get deposed. New ideas have no chance to flourish. To use conjecture is to imagine alternatives, to have fair and honest debate is to decide which conjecture is most likely to be a good explanation.

Strive to be Athenian, not Spartan. Societies and cultures that protect the individual right to make conjecture continue to grow. Cultures (and subcultures and families and groups of friends and classrooms and…) that stifle and smother new ideas get trapped in stasis, and when they are threatened by physical reality, break due to their rigidity.

Nen Contracts

Being a product of the mind, Nen responds to the goals, strengths, and desires of individual users. As a result, a student of Nen can increase the overall power of an individual skill by stating a self-imposed restriction that forces even more conditions on it.
For example, if one consciously decides something along the lines of "I will only use this skill on Thursdays" or "I will only use this skill against short people" and manages to abide by that rule, that particular skill will become stronger. These restrictions are called "limitations" (制(せい)約(やく), Seiyaku, or 制約(ルール), lit. "rule"), and the act of swearing to respect them "vows" (誓(せい)約(やく), Seiyaku) or "contracts".
The stricter the limitation, the stronger the user's resolve, and thus the more their ability is strengthened. Limitations seem to strengthen an ability to a greater degree than Conditions. However, limitations are also considered liabilities, since the power they grant is not consistent. (View Highlight)
Limitations that contain some sort of punishment (e.g., "I will die if I break this rule") will strengthen the ability even further (View Highlight)

In Hunter x Hunter, characters can make contracts against their Nen. They increase with power the stricter the criticism.

Because Nen is a product of the mind, Nen is a conjecture for the user. Combat against other Nen users is where people are forced to determine the usefulness of their ability choice (Gon's Jajanken is insanely simple for example, but that very simplicity gives it a broad use case in reality -- despite this Gon actually has one of the most rigid mindsets in the entire series 202301071340, 202301092316).

Societal Customs

The ideology, world outlook, and sense of right and wrong of the ability's creator plays a fundamental role in determining the exact circumstances and boundaries of a condition. The Manipulation ability, Order Stamp only works on puppets, which the ability's creator defined as "non-living objects with a discernible head"; vice versa, this means that if the puppet’s head is removed, it ceases to be counted as such and the ability terminates. Additionally, since the creator did not view human corpses as mere objects, despite them otherwise fitting the definition of a puppet. Chrollo, who stole the ability, had no such views and considered corpses perfectly acceptable as objects, however he was still unable to manipulate corpses with Order Stamp. Although the ability could still be used on artificial replicas of corpses. (View Highlight)

Even in the world of HxH, customs and world views shape criticism. Chrollo's perception of reality is fundamentally different than the original user of the Order Stamp. This changes the rules of how Order Stamp is used. Suddenly, the same conjecture in a different context has a completely different outcome.

The creator of a Nen ability can include conditions (条(じょう)件(けん), jōken) in it to increase its power or to make the ability feasible in the first place, whether because the user lacks the degree of skill otherwise required, or because the effects of the ability exceed what can be achieved with Nen without a trade-off. Conditions are based on the principle of equivalent exchange, but may occasionally be rendered redundant by high proficiency in Nen. The three categories at the bottom of the Nen chart—Conjuration, Specialization, and Manipulation—are the ones that appear to rely on conditions the most. It does not appear to be possible to violate the conditions of an ability. (View Highlight)

Strangely enough, the more imaginative Nen affinities (conjuration, manipulation, specialization) are farther from reality and require stricter conditions to be put in place. Compare this to enhancement or transmutation, where the goal is to modify an aspect of reality, instead of creating brand new concepts.